SAFA Cape Town Schools Mary Burton Unity Tournament

South African Football Association, Cape Town, Schools Competition for under 15 Learners


The name of the tournament shall be Mary Burton Unity Tournament.

Mary Burton, Co-Founder of the Home for All Campaign

Born 30-11-1939 in Buenos Aires Argentina

Mary Burton is a Co-Founder of the Home for All campaign. She has been a member of the Black Sash since 1963 and was a Commissioner for the Human Rights Committee of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. She is a Patron of the Civil Rights League of the African national Congress. Some of her achievements includes, Order of the Disa , Reconciliation Award from the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation and the Order of Luthuli (silver) from President Mbeki. Throughout the years of Apartheid, Mary Burton was a symbol of hope for many South Africans and the naming of the tournament after such an icon, will once again create hope for the destitute youth.





                                               U15  GIRLS

WEEK 1: 15/3/17

TIME   FIELD            VENUE                                  HOME TEAM  &  AWAY TEAM

15h20        A            MANENBERG                 CITY MISSION       VS    HEIDEVELD HIGH (GIRLS)

15h20        B             MANENBERG                PHOENIX HIGH    VS    CHRISTEL HOUSE (GIRLS)


                                                                BOYS U15

16h20         A              MANENGERG               CITY MISSION      VS     HEIDEVELD HIGH   (BOYS)

16h20         B              MANENBERG                PHOENIX HIGH   VS    CRISTELHOUSE       (BOYS)



15h20         A             BONTEHEUWEL                        CHRIS HANI        VS      MANZOMTHOBO          (GIRLS)

15h20         B             BONTEHEUWEL                         MODDERDAM    VS     RAVENSMEAD HIGH   (GIRLS)

16h20         A             BONTEHEUWEL                         CHRIS HANI        VS     MANZOMTHOBO          (BOYS)

16h20         B             BONTEHEUWEL                         MODDERDAM     VS     RAVENSMEAD HIGH    (BOYS)


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