The SAFA Cape Town Coca Cola Peninsula Beverages Sponsored Senior Last 64 And Ladies Prelim Coke Cup Action Returns .

The Coca Cola Peninsula Beverages Sponsored Senior Last 64 And Ladies Prelim Draw Coke Cup 2017 Action Returns.

August 3, 2017, | SAFA Cape Town, News Coke Cup Last 64


The Coca Cola Peninsula Beverages Sponsored Coke Cup reaches crunch stages.

Congratulations to all the clubs that have made it to the most critical stage of the biggest amateur football competitions.

64 Teams from various local Football Associations will battle it out this Sunday 6th August 2017 at various venues in our Region.

With Young Pirates FC  last years champions out of the competition.

The Ladies Prelim action also set for kick off this Sunday at various venues.

Good luck to all teams that have made it this far.




                  ROUND 64  – Sunday, 6th August 2017 – SENIORS
2913h00A9th Avenue, Grassy ParkFC TazelzuchtMitchells PlainGrassy ParkCape District
3213h00B9th Avenue, Grassy ParkLentegeur CityMPFDUnited BrothersNyanga
3013h00C9th Avenue, Grassy ParkMfuleni UnitedGreater MfuleniLeeds LentegeurMitchells Plain
2815h00A9th Avenue, Grassy ParkGlenedene UnitedCape DistrictJuventus FCGreater Phillippi
2615h00B9th Avenue, Grassy ParkTP ShepherdsLingelethuStrandfontein FCMitchells Plain
315h00C9th Avenue, Grassy ParkHeath AthleticSouth PeninsulaHustlaz FCNew Crossroads
215h00D9th Avenue, Grassy ParkLiverpool FCMitchells PlainMighty PeaceMakhaza
1613h00ABonteheuwel Sports ComplexFC KleinvleiGreater BluedownsWoodlands UnitedMitchells Plain
1913h00BBonteheuwel Sports ComplexD&G OrientManenbergSouth End FCMetropolitan
2215h00ABonteheuwel Sports ComplexBluegum UnitedMetropolitanSporting UnitedMetropolitan
815h00BBonteheuwel Sports ComplexSilver SpursRygateBarcelona FCSimunye
915h00CBonteheuwel Sports ComplexValhalla UnitedNorthern SuburbsSpenston FCCape District
615h00DBonteheuwel Sports ComplexFCG HotspursAthloneStars UnitedRygate
1513h00ALanga StadiumKuils RiverNorthern SuburbsFlamingo FCLanga Ndabeni
1013h00BLanga StadiumEverton FCNyangaY2K FCMandalay
2415h00ALanga StadiumFC PortoGreater PhillippiWanderers FCLanga Ndabeni
115h00BLanga StadiumCitizens FCLanga Ndabeni Greenwood AthleticCape District
513h00ATelkom ParkBlaauberg UnitedDunoonRetreat UnitedSouth Peninsula
1715h00ATelkom ParkStephanian OtteryCape DistrictDunoon YSADunoon
2015h00BTelkom ParkPPG – LangaLanga NdabeniJumbo GiantsDunoon
1413h00AThe Greens, ManenbergDurbanville FCCT TygerbergRebels FCLingelethu
1213h00BThe Greens, ManenbergBellville CityCT TygerbergRygersdal FCCT Tygerberg
1813h00CThe Greens, ManenbergBayhill UnitedMitchells PlainPrimrose ParkManenberg
2113h00DThe Greens, ManenbergSunningdaleCT TygerbergHanover ParkCT Tygerberg
2315h00AThe Greens, ManenbergChelsea UAManenbergHofmeyer All StarsCrossroads
2515h00BThe Greens, ManenbergCeltic FCManenbergMasidlale AcademyNyanga
3115h00CThe Greens, ManenbergCrystal PalaceManenbergGreen Lovers/ Try AgainOostenberg
1315h00DThe Greens, ManenbergTwo Oceans AcademyCT TygerbergGoal 50 UnitedHeideveld
4to be advisedSouthampton FCCape DistrictSSS Academy/ PSV EindhovenAthlone/ Delft
7to be advisedKraaifontein FCOostenbergWynberg St Johns / Royal ChiefsCT Tygerberg
11to be advisedBenfica FCManenbergMighty United/ Clover UnitedLingelethu/ Mandalay
27to be advisedKalksteenfontein FC/ Game YethuNorthern Suburbs/ Greater PhillipiFC CafdaCape District


                  ROUND 64 –  SUNDAY, 6th August 2017 – UNDER 18
3A10h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkHellenic FCCT TygerbergCedar UnitedMitchells Plain
2B10h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkRC AthleticoCape DistrictBluedowns SpursNorthern Suburbs
12C10h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkSeven AttackersGreater PhillippiBeacon SpursMitchells Plain
21D10h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkAnadin FCGreater PhillippiFC KaapstadtCT Tygerberg
29E10h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkSouthampton FCCape DistrictDelft AcademyDelft
1A11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkJMI FCCT TygerbergGrassy ParkCape District
8B11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkHBUFCGood HopeAshley RoversMPFD
13C11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkLiverpool PortlandsMitchells PlainKLM FCCT Tygerberg
14D11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkRock A FellasMitchells PlainMPCE FCMitchells Plain
6E11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkElsies River UnitedNorthern SuburbsGlenedene UnitedCape District
27A10h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexMelchester RoversAthloneMilano FCSouth Peninsula
15B10h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexValhalla unitedNorthern SuburbsBayhill UnitedMitchells Plain
16C10h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexYSD Macassar CT TygerbergJuventus FCMitchells Plain
11D10h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexSaxon RoversCT TygerbergWoodlands UnitedMitchells Plain
4A11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexSilver SpursRygateGreen LoversOostenberg
30B11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexJamestown UnitedAthloneSouth Park FCMitchells Plain
22C11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexRobinvale SpursAtlantisCentral AFCNorthern Suburbs
24D11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexJomos PowerAtlantisAzzurro AcademyHeideveld
5A11h30Langa StadiumFC PortoGreater PhillippiComputer Celtic Nyanga
19B11h30Langa StadiumRebels FCLingelethuGreenwood AthleticCape District
18C11h30Langa StadiumManchester UnitedSimunyeHelderberg RoversHelderberg
7A10h30The Greens, ManenbergSpenston FCCape DistrictSunningdale FCCT Tygerberg
17B10h30The Greens, ManenbergGrove AcademyRygateClover FCMandalay
20C10h30The Greens, ManenbergRhadie UnitedAthloneKTC FCNyanga
31D10h30The Greens, ManenbergGreat Commission UnitedHeideveldBlack AcesGreater Phillippi
32E10h30The Greens, ManenbergTrinitarians FCNorthern SuburbsTable View CT Tygerberg
10A11h30The Greens, ManenbergRiverside RangersNorthern SuburbsD&G OrientManenberg
9B11h30The Greens, ManenbergLeeds AFCAthloneVasco Da GamaCT Tygerberg
25C11h30The Greens, ManenbergWesley SpursCape DistrictBattswood FCCape District
26D11h30The Greens, ManenbergStandards UnitedMitchells PlainAvendale AthleticoCT Tygerberg
23E11h30The Greens, ManenbergNorthpine UnitedCT TygerbergJL ZwaneGuguletu
28BYEBYEIkapa UnitedMitchells Plain


                  PRELIM –  SUNDAY, 6th August 2017 – LADIES
413h00D9th Avenue, Grassy ParkMighty CityDelftMilano UnitedSouth Peninsula
513h00E9th Avenue, Grassy ParkKuils RiverNorthern SuburbsDe Goods LadiesRygate
615h00E9th Avenue, Grassy ParkUCTCT TygerbergIslanders Ladies South Peninsula
813h00CBonteheuwel Sports ComplexFC TafelzuchtMitchells PlainSouth EndMetropolitan
313h00DBonteheuwel Sports ComplexClyde PinelandsCT TygerbergBurnley LadiesMetropolitan
113h00AHeideveld Sports ComplexSantos LadiesCape DistrictVirgo LadiesMitchells Plain
215h00BHeideveld Sports ComplexWinnies LadiesGuguletuHeideveld LadiesHeideveld
7BYEBYEDangerous HeroesGreater Phillippi

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