Feb 23, 2018, | SAFA Cape Town, Action Plan.


President Bennett Bailey


“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to each and every SAFA Cape Town football member and stakeholder for their hard work and tireless efforts in continuously committing themselves towards the progress of football.
As much as I have been deeply moved by the support during this year`s campaign and ultimately in the culmination of the newly
elected SAFA Administration, I am also humbled by the huge responsibility that is bestowed with this current administration. I would like to acknowledge those who have dedicated their lives to the development of football prior, through and after the unification process to ensure that equal opportunities are granted to anyone wishing to join and contribute towards the advancement of the football movement.
Due to the determination and perseverance of those who have contributed towards the development of football over the past
years, we are now at a place where football in Cape Town is in a position with immense opportunity and the potential to thrive.
In order to reach its potential and ultimately achieve the vision of SAFA Vision 2022, an action plan is outlined below which we
will work towards this vision (i.e. gender equality, positive image, major player in world football, world-class admin, sound
governance, commercial viability, financial stability and technical performance). This action plan will at all times practice good governance by fulfilling the SAFA mandate which is derived from FIFA statutes, ensuring that SAFA statutes are interpreted
correctly and implementation is done accordingly, ensure compliance with SAFA alignment resolution and implement Operation “huisbesoek” to LFA’s. The action plan below will be done according to the governance of SAFA and FIFA:”

1. Competitions
SAFA Cape Town will embark on a vigorous transformation campaign in order to level opportunities for each and every
person wishing to play football. This will include: youth competitions to be aligned with the Vision 2022; monthly inter
LFA Competitions to serve as trials for team selection; making Engen the premier Under 18 competition; women to
have their own competition with the finals on the last Saturday in August; coordinate the SAFA Challenge Cup; along
with the Seniors, also coordinate the Veterans Challenge Cup;
To have the Champions league on week days with a separate sponsor; and to provide a platform for the Cubs (Super
League) with the highlight taking place during the September holidays.
2. Facility Development
Facility Development plays a crucial role in the progress of football. To illustrate its importance, one could say that the
facility offers a “home” for football. Hence, the following plans will be actioned:
 Athlone Stadium to be upgraded and accommodate offices, museum, academy, management and suite.
 Fields to have its own maintenance programme (under Business Unit).
 Artificial turfs to be implemented. The need for this has increased as a matter of urgency due to the water
crisis Cape Town has been currently experiencing. The roll out plan will include to have one artificial turf per
LFA with the utilisation of funds from Lotto and Legacy Fund.
 Partnerships to be implemented with the City, particularly the EPWP.
3. SAFA Cape Town Academy
In line with the Vision 2022, an effective academy structure will play a vital part in ensuring a fair process for talent
identification, selection and nurturing of athletes. This will take place in the form of a Coaching structure (Four Year
Plan, with bias towards schools, women and youth); academy office and staffing; team preparations and presentation;
scholarships; placement with major teams as part of athlete career pathing and the Management of the National
competition proposal.
4. Football and Society
Football is a sport that begins in local communities. As SAFA Cape Town, it is our duty to ensure that football as a
means to allow children to play, as well as children and adults wishing to play competitively be provided with the
necessary platforms for them to demonstrate the prospects football has to offer. In this way, football can be utilised as
a tool to contribute to the development of society. Football will play an active role in the Province and will serve as a
leading force and foundation of support at National Level.
It will ensure good corporate governance, water security and actively participate in health and safety programmes.
Football will be utilised as a tool to create social awareness, with particular preference to youth, women and girls by
actively participating in campaigns and dedicated programmes.
5. Football Museum
Football in Cape Town has a long, rich history which serves as an important beacon to learn from. As much as there
have been people within football that have worked hard in keeping the memory of the past within football alive, the
sad truth is that many of the history of football is either lost or has never been uncovered. SAFA Cape Town will aim to have exhibitions, a Football Legends programme and the writing up of Football periods that will provide a platform for
both learning and honouring the legends and veterans of the football movement.
6. Football Stakeholder Engagement
Today, Football is in a position to thrive. With an abundant of potential, SAFA Cape Town will capitalise on the various
opportunities such as:
 Liaison with PSL and semi pro league teams (Continuous Relationship building which will lead to an increase of
support and subsequently more attendance to games and respect for each other`s turfs).
 Non mainstream competitions (i.e. Mr Price, African Bank and School based competitions).
7. Empowerment Programmes
The movement of football lies within the strength of its people. Each and every person within this football movement is
blessed with skills and talent to ensure the progression thereof. In order to nurture these skills and talent,
empowerment programmes will be put in place which will have specific focus on the following:
 Administrators (Governance and Finance)
 Coaching (Mass based D licence; C – for focus groups and B – select group)
 Refereeing (Coaches course and Parents course)
 Medical (First aid and Sport Science)
8. Finance
An effective finance system will be implemented in order to achieve the goals set out as per this plan. Funding will
therefore be sourced and sustained as follows:
 Business Unit (meeting with rugby and cricket)
 Paraphernalia
 Colours policy (Metro Teams; Executive; Honorary Members; Staff)
 Business proposals for Sponsors (CSI), Lotto, City (service provider) and Donors
 LFA support system (SAFA National and Funders)
 Legacy fund
9. Administration
A sound administration system will serve as a focus point as this will increase order and control within the
administration side of football. We will have regular on the job training sessions for LFA Secretaries by way of a
mentorship programme. This mentorship programme will be in the form of monthly Secretariat meetings where ideas and experience can be exchanged. The Secretariat will then be able to immediately erase any possible setbacks.
10. Football and Coordinating structures
In line with a sound administration system, football and coordinating structures will bring about alignment and
uniformity within all areas of football under SAFA Cape Town. This will include:
 FMC’s (to play a leading role in it)
 Local Sport Councils (to coordinate it)
 Local District Sport Councils
 Metro District Sport Councils (to ensure transformation)
 Sport Awards at all levels (Nomination process, Advocate and campaign for our nominees)


In conclusion, we as SAFA Cape Town recognise that there is an immense responsibility of ensuring that the objectives as outlined within this plan are met. However, we believe that through hard work, perseverance, sound judgement and determination, that these objectives are attainable. Most importantly, we believe that by implementing this plan with the intention of doing what is best for the people within football as a whole and placing the needs of the players, technical officials, administrators, veterans and all members within the football movement first, we will exceed the expectations of the objective as set out above.
Trusting that we have informed you accordingly.
Yours sincerely,

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