News,20 March 2018, SAFA Cape Town, ENGEN CUP.



Interested clubs must submit their letter of application to participate to the Tournament Organisers at

engenvasco2018@gmail.com and should copy their respective LFAs.
Due to the current drought conditions, the first 80 applications will be considered for approval.




  1. The Tournament will consist of 16 Teams, 14 teams will qualify through the PLAYOFF ROUNDS.
  2. Teams that will automatically qualify; Host Club:  Vasco da Gama FC, PSL Club: Ajax Cape Town.
  3. A minimum of 2 teams to be placed on the waiting list, shall a team not adhere to the Registration Process.
  4. Players, playing in the PSL, NFD, ABS Motsepe, are not eligible to play in the Tournament, unless they are de-registered and have a valid 2018 SAFA CT Registration Card.
  5. The Engen Knockout will take place over 3 days, 22 June 2018- 24 June 2018.
  6. Match Duration including the Finals will be 25 minutes either side.
  7. The Tournament will be governed by these set of rules and regulations for the ENGEN KNOCKOUT CHALLENGE. These rules will form the bases for the Tournament; All TEAMS will play under these rules & regulations.
  8.  During the Knockout Stage of the Tournament, in the event of a tie at the conclusion of regular time, a penalty shootout shall take place(as per normal rules of penalty shootout)
  9. If bad light effects the conclusion of the penalty shootout, the match will be decided by the toss of a coin to determine the winner.
  10. No grace period will be given at any stage of the Competition.
  11. The Playoff Rounds, will be Played across Various venues in Cape Town.
  12. The first 80 Teams to apply will be accepted.
  13. Teams will automatically be accepted, only if they can confirm that they will meet the Registration Criteria.



Registration of players of a club, will be verified and accepted, following the submission of the following;


  1. Certified Copy of Bar Coded South African ID/Passport.
  2. Certified copy of Birth Certificate.
  3. Completed & Signed Letter issued by Vasco-Engen LOC. – School Principal to complete & Sign.
  4. Copy of a Valid SAFA playing card for 2018.
  5. All Original ID/Passports & Birth Certificates must be presented at Registration.
  6. Original SAFA Cards must be brought with to the Playoffs.

Participation to Enter the Tournament is; Cut-off date: Wednesday 20 March 2018.


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