Local Football Associations Gear Up for 2017/2018 Season.

Local Football Associations Gear Up for 2017/2018 Season.

Apr 9, 2018, | News,LFA Football

We as the South African Football Association Cape Town Region made a call in the campaign “Cape Football Shall Be Played” , that our Regions football calendar will commence despite the huge drought crisis that we are faced with in the City Of Cape Town .

The City Of Cape Town “Triage system “still remains questionable ,our Local Football Association members were surprised that there is such a report ,despite no City Of Cape Town official ever accessing the venues ,making contact with the local football Association or MFMC.

Despite efforts by Local Football Associations and the Region efforts  to minimize football ,even ending the football season early last year, no work was done on those facilities.

New Crossroads LFA President and his team hard at work.

Fields at J Nontulo Sports Field been prepared, weeds and thorn bushes eradication “lots of it” been done by New Crossroads LFA Executive Members.

Job well done to New Crossroads LFA in taking the step

Cape District Local Football Association Season Start

at Solo Street, Retreat with  U10 and U12 matches.


Amandla Ngawethu Cape Football Shall Be Played. 


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