SA Education Expo

SA Education Expo

News, 23 May 2018, SA Education Expo

SA Education Expo [5/10/2018]


SAFA Cape Town Region is proud to be a part of this wonderful initiative, bringing change through education and sport. SA Edu and SAFA Cape Town will be hosting a 16 June Youth Day School’s Football  Tournament in commemoration of  June 16. full event details to follow. 

Event details as follows 

SA Education week is an initiative to bring together Universities, colleges, schools, funders and organizations from Western Cape to showcase what they’re doing to make education more open, free, and available to everyone.

SA Education week’s goal is to raise awareness about the educational opportunities that exist for everyone and everywhere in Western Cape.


At SA Education Expo we pride ourselves on bringing together thousands of educators from across the country to evaluate and plan for the future of learning.

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