fixtures for the Round  U18 Coke Cup Divisions which is scheduled to be played on Sunday, 22nd July 2018. The LFAs/clubs are reminded of the following important information below:

a) Each venue has their own entry fee which is determined by the FMC/LFA and all players and spectators are to pay at the gate. The hosting LFA is to ensure that the venues are secured and prepared.

b) All team coaches/managers are to report to the match convenor at their respective venue at least one hour before kick off. Convenors at the venues are: Mandalay – S Ndyoko, The Greens – P Johnson, , Site C Lingelethu – T Njili, Northpine Astro Turf – G Crumpton; Hanover Park – S Buys; 9th Avenue, Grassy Park – T Hermanus; Mandela Park – S Sigono; IY Sports Complex – M Crumpton c) The team returns are to be collected from the match convenor and completed before the start of your match. You may also complete the attached return and take it to the match convenor. d) Venues hosting matches are to ensure that first aid and security is present at each venue.




           SAFA Cape Town, Coca Cola Cup 2018
 ROUND 128
 Under 18 Division – SUNDAY 22nd JULY 2018
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
49A10h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkX1 SwallowsGreater Mfuleni Origan SpursCape District    
51B10h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkTrinitarians FCNorthern Suburbs Square HillSouth Peninsula    
10C10h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkSouthamptonCape District Ravensmead FCNorthern Suburbs    
18D10h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkGreenwood AthelticCape District Mobz AcademyMandela Park    
28A11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkSantos FCCape District Golden UnitedMitchells Plain    
32B11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkLife ZoneCape District Wanderers X1South Peninsula    
61C11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkAmbassadors FCCape District Liverpool PortlandsMitchells Plain    
48D11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkLentegeur FCMitchells Plain Rock A FellasMitchells Plain    
31A10h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexAtlantis Leeds UnitedAtlantis DGLPE/KLMRygate    
34B10h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexJL ZwaneGuguletu RC AthleticoCape District    
42C10h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexAV UnitedGuguletu Saringa SpursMitchells Plain    
38D10h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexFC ManenbergManenberg Bluegum UnitedMetropolitan    
59A11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexDT MastersGreater Mfuleni Bellville UnitedNorthern Suburbs    
19B11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexTTAC FCKhayelitsha Belhar SpursNorthern Suburbs    
52C11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexSamba StarsKhayelitsha Westridge UnitedMitchells Plain    
7D11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexBayview FCMitchells Plain United FC Northern Suburbs    
41A10h30Downberg Rd, Hanover ParkHanover ParkCT Tygerberg Jabula BrothersNyanga    
64B10h30Downberg Rd, Hanover ParkPremier UnitedHanover Park Macassar FCNorthern Suburbs    
40C10h30Downberg Rd, Hanover ParkPUBS FCMakhaza Silver SpursRygate    
2A11h30Downberg Rd, Hanover ParkD&G OrientManenberg Ithembalantu AcademyMandela Park    
53B11h30Downberg Rd, Hanover ParkFC TazelzuchtMitchells Plain Wolves UnitedNyanga    
12C11h30Downberg Rd, Hanover ParkCentral AFCNorthern Suburbs Peace MakersNyanga    
24Astro10h30IY Sports Complex, Hout BayHBUFC Good Hope Spice4LifeDunoon    
63Astro11h30IY Sports Complex, Hout BayKenpark UnitedMitchells Plain Hout Bay UnitedGood Hope    
50A11h30Khayelitsha StadiumUnited FCKhayelitsha Black StarsKhayelitsha    
27A10h30Mandalay Sports ComplexWanderers FCLanga Ndabeni Highbury UnitedNorthern Suburbs    
3B10h30Mandalay Sports ComplexSuper EaglesMandalay Umthatha FCNyanga    
20A11h30Mandalay Sports ComplexUlana AcademyMandalay Orient FCManenberg    
30B11h30Mandalay Sports ComplexAll Stars FCMandalay New Stars Khayelitsha FCMonwabisi    
29A10h30Mandela Park Sports ComplexAtlantic NacionalCT Tygerberg Bafana UnitedMandela Park    
39B10h30Mandela Park Sports ComplexHillcrest UnitedGreater Bluedowns Young BrazilMandela Park    
21C10h30Mandela Park Sports ComplexReal UnitedGreater Mfuleni Swallows FCMandela Park    
37A11h30Mandela Park Sports ComplexValencia FCMakhaza Juventus FCMitchells Plain    
23B11h30Mandela Park Sports ComplexMPCE FCMitchells Plain Zimasa FCKhayelitsha    
57C11h30Mandela Park Sports ComplexHappy HeartsLanga Ndabeni United AcesKhayelitsha    
17A10h30North Pine Sports ComplexRygersdal FCCT Tygerberg Riverside RangersNorthern Suburbs    
22B10h30North Pine Sports ComplexFN RangersCT Tygerberg Barmsley SpursCT Tygerberg    
35C10h30North Pine Sports ComplexHoly CrossCT Tygerberg Avendale AthleticoCT Tygerberg    
46A11h30North Pine Sports ComplexKuils RiversCT Tygerberg JMI FCCT Tygerberg    
58B11h30North Pine Sports ComplexMighty StarsGreater Phillippi DurbanvilleCT Tygerberg    
36C11h30North Pine Sports ComplexSeven AttackersGreater Phillippi Norway ParksCT Tygerberg    
26Astro10h30Site C LingelethuShockwavesLingelethu Wesley UnitedCape District    
33B10h30Site C LingelethuElsies River UnitedNorthern Suburbs Rebels FCLingelethu    
6A10h30Site C LingelethuPioneer FCDunoon FC Porto Greater Phillippi    
25Astro11h30Site C LingelethuJoburg StrikersGreater Phillippi YBCKhayelitsha    
60B11h30Site C LingelethuGoal HuntersKhayelitsha CS Abahlobo FCOostenberg    
62C11h30Site C LingelethuWillow StarsNyanga KK UnitedKhayelitsha    
56A10h30The Greens, ManenbergMighty BucksMandela Park Goal 50 UnitedHeideveld    
9B10h30The Greens, ManenbergShinning Stars UnitedDelft Black BirdsNyanga    
15C10h30The Greens, ManenbergThe Hague SpursDelft Anadin FCGreater Phillippi    
5D10h30The Greens, ManenbergManchester United Helderberg Bluedowns SpursNorthern Suburbs    
8A11h30The Greens, ManenbergHelderberg RoversHelderberg Eastern Rovers Northern Suburbs    
16B11h30The Greens, ManenbergYoung PiratesKhayelitsha Hellenic FCCT Tygerberg    
11C11h30The Greens, ManenbergCitizens FCLanga Ndabeni Grassy Park UnitedCape District    
54D11h30The Greens, ManenbergJordan CalliesRygate Glenedene UnitedCape District    
1A10h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexSaxon Rovers CT Tygerberg Leeds UnitedAthlone    
14B10h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexYSD MacassarCT Tygerberg SSS AcademyAthlone    
55C10h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexYoung PiratesGreater Phillippi Lavender HillSouth Peninsula    
44D10h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexStandards UnitedMitchells Plain Junior PiratesSimunye    
45A11h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexLeeds LentegeurMitchells Plain Camps BayCT Tygerberg    
47B11h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexIkapa Sports Mitchells Plain Beacon SpursMitchells Plain    
13C11h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexEverton FCRygate Turfhall FC Athlone    
43D11h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexBishop LavisNorthern Suburbs Wynberg St JohnsCT Tygerberg    
4E11h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexInvincible CravenbyNorthern Suburbs Stanturf Mitchells Plain    

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