News,13 August 2018, Coca-cola Cup

The biggest amateur knockout competition of our time, Last 32 fixtures and the Ladies Pre-Lim round which is scheduled to be played on Sunday, 19th August 2018.


           SAFA Cape Town, Coca-Cola Cup 2018
 LAST 32 
 Womens Division – SUNDAY 19th AUGUST 2018
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
6A13h009th Avenue, Grassy ParkMilano LadiesSouth PeninsulaRV UnitedLingelethu
2B13h009th Avenue, Grassy ParkUCT LadiesCT TygerbergHout Bay LadiesGood Hope
15C13h009th Avenue, Grassy ParkStrandfontein LadiesMitchells PlainClyde PinelandsCT Tygerberg
16D13h009th Avenue, Grassy ParkKuils RiverNorthern SuburbsAmbassadprs LadiesCape District
11Astro13h00Browns Farm, PhillippiDangerous HeroesGreater PhillippiManenberg LadiesManenberg
9A13h00Langa StadiumBluedowns FCNorthern SuburbsRavensmeadNorthern Suburbs
12B13h00Langa StadiumAtlantis LeedsAtlantisHighbury LadiesNorthern Suburbs
5Astro13h00Site C LingelethuPortia LadiesMandela ParkCT MilitarySouth Peninsula
1B13h00Site C LingelethuFC TazelzuchtMitchells PlainSantos FCCape District
7C13h00Site C LingelethuSpurs WFCCape DistrictSouth EndRygate
8A13h00The Greens, ManenbergBellville CityCT TygerbergYIFC 68Manenberg
13Astro13h00The Greens, ManenbergUWC LadiesNorthern SuburbsVasco Da GamaCT Tygerberg
10B13h00The Greens, ManenbergBurnley LadiesMetropolitanVirgo LadiesMitchells Plain
4C13h00The Greens, ManenbergMeadowridge LadiesCT TygerbergMighty CityDelft
3D13h00The Greens, ManenbergPhoenix SpursRygateAvendale AthleticoCT Tygerberg
14ByeByeCape Town RosesGuguletu
           SAFA Cape Town, Coca-Cola Cup 2018
 LAST 32
 Under 18 Division – SUNDAY 19th AUGUST 2018
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
5A11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkRygersdal FCCT TygerbergUlana AcademyMandalay
6B11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkReal UnitedGreater MfuleniHBUFCGood Hope
14C11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkGlenedene UnitedCape DistrictYoung PiratesGreater Phillippi
3D11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkRavensmead FCNorthern SuburbsGrassy ParkCape District
4Astro11h30Browns Farm, PhillippiYSD MaccassarCT TygerbergAnadin FCGreater Phillippi
13A11h30Langa StadiumX1 SwallowsGreater MfuleniWestridge UnitedMitchells Plain
16B11h30Langa StadiumWillow StarsNyangaManchester UnitedSimunye
2A11h30Site C LingelethuManchester UnitedHelderbergHelderberg RoversHelderberg
9Astro11h30Site C LingelethuRebels FCLingelethuSeven AttackersGreater Phillippi
8B11h30Site C LingelethuBafana UnitedMandela ParkDGLPE / KLMRygate
15A11h30The Greens, ManenbergUnited AcesKhayelitshaGoal HuntersKhayelitsha
12Astro11h30The Greens, ManenbergJMI FCCT TygerbergIkapa SportingMitchells Plain
1B11h30The Greens, ManenbergSaxon RoversCT TygerbergUmthatha FCNyanga
11C11h30The Greens, ManenbergHanover ParkCT TygerbergBishop LavisNorthern Suburbs
10D11h30The Greens, ManenbergValenciaMakhazaSilver SpursRygate
7E11h30The Greens, ManenbergJoburg StrikersGreater PhillippiSantos FCCape District



SAFA Cape Town, Coca-Cola Cup 2018
Last 32
 Senior Division – 19th  AUGUST 2018
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
11A15h009th Avenue, Grassy ParkGlenedene UnitedCape DistrictLiverpool PortlandsMitchells Plain
13B15h009th Avenue, Grassy ParkNorway ParksCT TygerbergBelhar SpursNorthern Suburbs
9C15h009th Avenue, Grassy ParkPremier UnitedHanover ParkRygersdal FCCT Tygerberg
6D15h009th Avenue, Grassy ParkSunningdale CityCT TygerbergStrandfontein FCMitchells Plain
15Astro15h00Browns Farm, PhillippiJuventus FCGreater PhillippiCape Town PiratesGugulethu
12A15h00Langa StadiumBayview FCMitchells PlainJunction RoversRygate
3B15h00Langa StadiumWanderers FCLanga NdabeniFC TazelzuchtMitchells Plain
2Astro15h00Site C LingelethuSporting UnitedMetropolitanVasco Da GamaCT Tygerberg
5A15h00Site C LingelethuJuventus FCMitchells PlainHeinz ParkMitchells Plain FD
14B15h00Site C LingelethuNew Stars Khayelitsha FCMonwabisiMeadowridge FCCT Tygerberg
7A15h00The Greens, ManenbergD&G OrientManenbergGreenwood AthleticCape District
4Astro15h00The Greens, ManenbergJamestown UnitedAthloneTrinitariansNorthern Suburbs
10B15h00The Greens, ManenbergOrient FCManenbergFC CafdaCape District
16C15h00The Greens, ManenbergBeacon SpursMitchells PlainCape Royal FCHelderberg
8D15h00The Greens, ManenbergTable ViewCT TygerbergJoburg StrikersGreater Phillippi
1E15h00The Greens, ManenbergMatroosfontein FCNorthern SuburbsSalt River BlackpoolCape District

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