1. Attached please find the updated and reminder of the Round 256 fixtures for the Senior
and U18 Coke Cup Divisions (balance of U18 matches) which will be played on Sunday, 7th
July 2019.
2. The LFAs/clubs are reminded of the following important information below:
a) Each venue has their own entry fee which is determined by the FMC/LFA and all players
and spectators are to pay at the gate. The hosting LFA is to ensure that the venues are
secured and prepared.
b) All team coaches/managers are to report to the match convenor at their respective venue
at least one hour before kick-off. Convenors at the venues are: Nyanga Stadium – B
Mpimpimalashe; Heideveld – D Stoffels, Bellville South – S Baatjies; Sympony Park – H Fisher;
Lwandle Sports Complex – L Smile; Mandalay – S Ndyoko, Langa – E Gum, Johnson Rd –
Abdul Tajoodien, The Greens – P Johnson, Browns Farm – K Majezi, Erica Park Sports Complex – NS LFA Represenative; Site C Lingelethu – T Njili, Bonteheuwel Sports Complex – R
Jacobs; Hanover Park – T Harris; 9th Avenue, Grassy Park – T Hermanus; Robinvale Sports
Complex – F Francensie, Portlands Sports Complex – D Rass; IY Sports Complex – Dali
c) The team returns are to be collected from the match convenor and completed before the
start of your match. You may also complete the attached return and take it to the match
d) Venues hosting matches are to ensure that first aid and security is present at each venue.
e) Please ensure that matches start on time.
f) Clubs are to pay the referee according to the fee as set out in the rules.
g) If there is any further information required please do not hesitate to contact the
Competitions Chairperson, Mr Bayanda Sikiti (060 508 3242).
3. Please note that all senior teams and the balance of the U18 teams are fixture to play.
Please send the fixture to all your clubs.
4. Conveners are reminded to forward their results to the office by Monday, 8th July 2019
(12h00). LFAs are requested to forward the fixture to all their clubs so that in the event there
are any incorrect results received or other, it can be dealt with immediately.
5. Please see the below revised dates for the Coke Cup Amateur Competition:
Round 256 7th July 2019 (Revised Date)
Round 128 21st July 2019
Last 64 4th August 2019
Last 32 18th August 2019
Last 16 1st September 2019
Quarter Finals 15th September 2019
Semi Finals 29th September 2019
Finals 12th October 2019







Under 18 Division – SUNDAY 7TH JULY 2019
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
94A11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkBattswoodCape DistrictAriel SpursSouth Peninsula
97B11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkOcean ViewCape DistrictYMO St LukesCT Tygerberg
85C11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkDunoon BeesDunoonMSB NitrosCape District
73D11h309th Avenue, Grassy ParkIthemba Labantu AcademyGreater PhillippiAerials FCMitchells Plain FD
91A11h30Bellville South Sports ComplexEastern RoversNorthern SuburbsJL Zwane FCGugulethu
16B11h30Bellville South Sports ComplexCentral FCNorthern SuburbsLavender Hill FCSouth Peninsula
79A11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexOnesimo AcademyMitchells Plain FDGoulburnMetropolitan
43B11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexEleven TeenagersMonwabisiBluegum UnitedMetropolitan
28C11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexNorway Parks MagicCT TygerbergTafelsig SunriseMowabisi
115D11h30Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexMighty BucksMandela ParkFlamingo FCLanga Ndebeni
27Astro11h30Browns Farm, PhillippiJoburg StrikersGreater PhillippiUlana AcademyMandalay
13Astro11h30Downberg Rd, Hanover ParkCape Umoya United FCTwo OceansKuils RiverCT Tygerberg
88B11h30Downberg Rd, Hanover ParkTable ViewCT TygerbergMighty Doves FCTwo Oceans
119C11h30Downberg Rd, Hanover ParkCamps BayCT TygerbergEleven Attackers FCDunoon
108A11h30Erica Park Sports ComplexLokshin SpursLanga NdebeniBelhar SpursNorthern Suburbs
120B11h30Erica Park Sports ComplexGreenfieldsGreater BluedownsX1 SwallowsGreater Mfuleni
2C11h30Erica Park Sports ComplexFC AcademyOostenbergMacassar FCNorthern Suburbs
70A11h30Florida ParkMontaque SpursCape DistrictWynberg St JohnsCT Tygerberg
51B11h30Florida ParkElectric City United FCGreater BluedownsFC KleinvleiGreater Bluedowns
65D11h30Symphony ParkKalksteenfonteinNorthern SuburbsStrand Manchester UnitedHelderberg
104Astro11h30Heidveld Sports ComplexStandards UnitedMitchells PlainDunoon YSADunoon
105A11h30Johnson Rd, RygateSouth EndRygateMakhaza Future Masters FCMakhaza
47B11h30Johnson Rd, RygateBarcelona FCLingelethuGarlandaleCape District
81C11h30Johnson Rd, RygateFC KapstadtCT TygerbergD’Alberton CalliesRygate
9D11h30Johnson Rd, RygateDGLPE/KLM – RygateRygateSamba StarsKhayelitsha
75A11h30Khayelitsha StadiumYBC FCKhayelitshaAll NationsTwo Oceans
17B11h30Khayelitsha StadiumTTAC FCKhayelitshaRuyterwachtCT Tygerberg
14A11h30Langa StadiumRevelations FCLanga NdebeniNova NacionalDunoon
60B11h30Langa StadiumCS Abahlobo FCOostenbergCitizens FCLanga Ndebeni
3Astro11h30Lwandle Sports ComplexMighty PioneersHelderbergTry Again FCOostenberg
52Astro11h30Nyanga StadiumLiverpoolDunoonMfuleni Heroes FCGreater Mfuleni
26B11h30Nyanga StadiumMonwa StarsMonwabisiElites XV SCGugulethu
71C11h30Nyanga StadiumNew Stars Khayelitsha FCMonwabisiWesley UnitedCape District
8A11h30Portlands Sports ComplexMowgliesMitchells Plain FDBishop LavisNorthern Suburbs
114B11h30Portlands Sports ComplexHillcrest FCGreater BluedownsWanderers FCLanga Ndebeni
18C11h30Portlands Sports ComplexSaintsMitchells Plain FDFast X1Khayelitsha
41D11h30Portlands Sports ComplexUnitedNorthern SuburbsStanturfMitchells Plain
33Astro11h30Robinvale Sports ComplexPella SportingAtlantisShinning StarsLingelethu
117B11h30Robinvale Sports ComplexChatsworth Rising StarsAtlantisCosmosHelderberg
86C11h30Robinvale Sports ComplexNapoli FCGreater MfuleniAtlantis Leeds UnitedAtlantis
98Astro11h30Site C LingelthuGeelbooi FCLingelethuLife ZoneCape District
82B11h30Site C LingelthuGoal HuntersKhayelitshaLanga UnitedLanga Ndebeni
96C11h30Site C LingelthuWest EndMitchells Plain FDUnited FCKhayelitsha
76A11h30Symphony ParkYSD MacassarCT TygerbergTrinitariansNorthern Suburbs
37B11h30Symphony ParkFC ManenbergManenbergRiverside RangersNorthern Suburbs
1C11h30Symphony ParkYoung LionsDelftMPCEMitchells Plain
87Astro11h30The Greens, ManenbergSalt River BlackpoolCape DistrictFC BurndalesManenberg
44B11h30The Greens, ManenbergStroke City FCDelftAV UnitedGugulethu
46C11h30The Greens, ManenbergEverton Spurs FCRygateYIFC 68Manenberg
42D11h30The Greens, ManenbergZimasa FCKhayelitshaPrimrose ParkManenberg
67A11h30Turfhall Sports ComplexGame YethuGreater PhillippiFCG HotspursAthlone
93B11h30Turfhall Sports ComplexLucky StarsGugulethuFN RangersCT Tygerberg
68C11h30Turfhall Sports ComplexBridgetownCape DistrictRC AthleticoCape District
101D11h30Turfhall Sports ComplexFast Eleven FCHelderbergChilli BoysDunoon
84E11h30Turfhall Sports ComplexMagents FCMandela ParkDarling FCAtlantis
90A11h30Rocklands Sports ComplexBeacon CityMitchells PlainSwallowsMandela Park
109B11h30Rocklands Sports ComplexBayviewMitchells PlainWesfleur AFCAtlantis
127C11h30Rocklands Sports ComplexFC TafelzuchtMitchells PlainPhuhla FCNew Crossroads
32D11h30Rocklands Sports ComplexValenicaSimunyeStrandfonteinMitchells Plain
59Oriental GunnersRygateBYE
74Turfhall FCAthloneBYE
128East End UnitedAthloneBYE
49Avendale AthleticCT TygerbergBYE
58Old MutualCT TygerbergBYE
126Real UnitedGreater MfuleniBYE
23AnadinGreater PhillippiBYE
110Connoisseur SpursRygateBYEBYE
69Lavender Hill FCSouth PeninsulaBYEBYE
125Grove Soccer AcademyRygateBYE
5Rock A FellasMitchells PlainBYE
6Ikapa SportingMitchells PlainBYE
102Man PowerGugulethuBYE
122ClarewoodCape DistrictBYE
4BYEBYEIsland RoversNorthern Suburbs

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