1. Attached please find the updated and reminder of the Round 256 fixtures for the Senior
and U18 Coke Cup Divisions (balance of U18 matches) which will be played on Sunday, 7th
July 2019.
2. The LFAs/clubs are reminded of the following important information below:
a) Each venue has their own entry fee which is determined by the FMC/LFA and all players
and spectators are to pay at the gate. The hosting LFA is to ensure that the venues are
secured and prepared.
b) All team coaches/managers are to report to the match convenor at their respective venue
at least one hour before kick-off. Convenors at the venues are: Nyanga Stadium – B
Mpimpimalashe; Heideveld – D Stoffels, Bellville South – S Baatjies; Sympony Park – H Fisher;
Lwandle Sports Complex – L Smile; Mandalay – S Ndyoko, Langa – E Gum, Johnson Rd –
Abdul Tajoodien, The Greens – P Johnson, Browns Farm – K Majezi, Erica Park Sports Complex – NS LFA Represenative; Site C Lingelethu – T Njili, Bonteheuwel Sports Complex – R
Jacobs; Hanover Park – T Harris; 9th Avenue, Grassy Park – T Hermanus; Robinvale Sports
Complex – F Francensie, Portlands Sports Complex – D Rass; IY Sports Complex – Dali
c) The team returns are to be collected from the match convenor and completed before the
start of your match. You may also complete the attached return and take it to the match
d) Venues hosting matches are to ensure that first aid and security is present at each venue.
e) Please ensure that matches start on time.
f) Clubs are to pay the referee according to the fee as set out in the rules.
g) If there is any further information required please do not hesitate to contact the
Competitions Chairperson, Mr Bayanda Sikiti (060 508 3242).
3. Please note that all senior teams and the balance of the U18 teams are fixture to play.
Please send the fixture to all your clubs.
4. Conveners are reminded to forward their results to the office by Monday, 8th July 2019
(12h00). LFAs are requested to forward the fixture to all their clubs so that in the event there
are any incorrect results received or other, it can be dealt with immediately.
5. Please see the below revised dates for the Coke Cup Amateur Competition:
Round 256 7th July 2019 (Revised Date)
Round 128 21st July 2019
Last 64 4th August 2019
Last 32 18th August 2019
Last 16 1st September 2019
Quarter Finals 15th September 2019
Semi Finals 29th September 2019
Finals 12th October 2019

SAFA Cape Town, Coca-Cola Cup 2019
Round 256
 Senior Division – SUNDAY 7TH JULY 2019
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
120A13h009th Avenue Grassy ParkCT Military FCSouth PeninsulaPSV EindhovenDelft
114B13h009th Avenue Grassy ParkSteenberg UnitedSouth PeninsulaBattswoodCape District
42C13h009th Avenue Grassy ParkGrassy Park  UnitedCape DistrictStephanian  OtteryCape District
95D13h009th Avenue Grassy ParkCape Umoya United FCTwo OceansFootball EliteMitchells Plain
55A15h009th Avenue Grassy ParkPeninsula UnitedSouth PeninsulaJordan CalliesRygate
36B15h009th Avenue Grassy ParkAll NationsTwo OceansZimasaKhayelitsha
1C15h009th Avenue Grassy ParkDangerous DarkiesHelderbergSquare Hill UnitedSouth Peninsula
51D15h009th Avenue Grassy ParkMighty Doves FCTwo OceansMoonwoodGreater Phillippi
87A13h00Bellville South Sports ComplexBellville UnitedNorthern SuburbsGreenwood AthleticCape District
106B13h00Bellville South Sports ComplexEerste River FCNorthern SuburbsWestlake UnitedSouth Peninsula
94A15h00Bellville South Sports ComplexHome StarsSimunyeBlue Downs SpursNorthern Suburbs
91B15h00Bellville South Sports ComplexJunior PiratesSimunyeFC AcademyOostenberg
128A13h00Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexGoulburn AthleticMetropolitanYoung Ideas FCGugulethu
52B13h00Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexSaxon RoversCT TygerbergCitrus SpursMetropolitan
63C13h00Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexXI AttackersGreater MfuleniFlamingo FCLanga Ndebeni
4D13h00Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexCT Pirates FCGugulethuXI SwallowsGreater Mfuleni
57A15h00Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexBluegum UnitedMetropolitanSeabirdsSimunye
90B15h00Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexMorning Stars FCMonwabisiSporting UnitedMetropolitan
105C15h00Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexManchester UnitedNyangaNorway Parks MagicCT Tygerberg
79D15h00Bonteheuwel Sports ComplexMighty Pioneers FCHelderbergFC BooysenMetropolitan
68ASTRO13h00Browns Farm, PhillippiMighty StarsGreater PhillippiLengtegeur FCMitchells Plain
118ASTRO15h00Browns Farm, PhillippiYoung StarsGreater PhillippiEastern LeopardsOostenberg
64A13h00Downberg Road, Hanover ParkLansdowne FCCT TygerbergTable ViewCT Tygerberg
37B13h00Downberg Road, Hanover ParkAtlantic NacionalCT TygerbergBellville CityCT Tygerberg
70C13h00Downberg Road, Hanover ParkSeven AttackersGreater PhillippiKuils RiverCT Tygerberg
30A15h00Downberg Road, Hanover ParkHanover ParkCT TygerbergDunoon Bees FCDunoon
119B15h00Downberg Road, Hanover ParkJMI Cape TownCT TygerbergYMO St LukesCT Tygerberg
40C15h00Downberg Road, Hanover ParkRygersdalCT TygerbergFire FightersMandela Park
124A13h00Erica Park Sports ComplexBelhar SpursNorthern SuburbsSea Point SwiftsMetropolitan
73B13h00Erica Park Sports ComplexIkapa SportingMitchells PlainUnited FCNorthern Suburbs
56C13h00Erica Park Sports ComplexArsenal FCGugulethuMagents FCMandela Park
84A15h00Erica Park Sports ComplexOceans XINew CrossroadsInvincible CravenbyNorthern Suburbs
121B15h00Erica Park Sports ComplexHasco UnitedMandela ParkHustlazNew Crossroads
15C15h00Erica Park Sports ComplexValenciaSimunyeMighty PeaceMakhaza
47A13h00Florida ParkElectric City United FCGreater BluedownsHighbury UnitedNorthern Suburbs
100B13h00Florida ParkRoyal CitizensMandela ParkLion City FCLanga Ndebeni
38A15h00Florida ParkRavensmead FCNorthern SuburbsFuture StarsLingelethu
8B15h00Florida ParkMilnerton United FCLanga NdebeniWynberg St JohnsCT Tygerberg
74A13h00Heideveld Sports ComplexWoodlandsMitchells PlainTwo Oceans AcademyHeideveld
108ASTRO13h00Heideveld Sports ComplexGoal 50 UnitedHeideveldFC SalvoManenberg
61B13h00Heideveld Sports ComplexBluebirdsHeideveldSnowdonMitchells Plain FD
18POSTPONEDYoung PiratesHeideveldLeeds United AFCMitchells Plain
77ASTRO15h00Heideveld Sports ComplexRed StarsHeideveldSilver SpursRygate
28B15h00Heideveld Sports ComplexChelsea AFCHeideveldMatroosfonteinNorthern Suburbs
126ASTRO13h00IY Sports ComplexHout Bay Barcelona FCGood HopeMontaque SpursCape District
103ASTRO15h00IY Sports ComplexSuper EaglesMandalayRising StarsGood Hope
97A13h00Johnson Road, RygateGreenhaven SpursRygateAshford  AthleticCape District
123B13h00Johnson Road, RygateHopefulsRygateSouth End – RygateRygate
17C13h00Johnson Road, RygateGarlandaleCape DistrictNu-StarsRygate
43D13h00Johnson Road, RygateSouthamptonCape DistrictCape Town ChiefsRygate
113A15h00Johnson Road, RygateOriental GunnersRygateHelderberg Rovers FCHelderberg
101B15h00Johnson Road, RygateSalt River CelticRygateFC Bo KaapRygate
125C15h00Johnson Road, RygateMacassar FCNorthern SuburbsEverton Spurs FCRygate
29D15h00Johnson Road, RygateCape Town RangersNew CrossroadsBaltic RangersRygate
80A13h00Khayelitsha StadiumFast Eleven FCKhayelitshaEvertonNyanga
109B13h00Khayelitsha StadiumAfrican TribesKhayelitshaRising StarsMandela Park
24A15h00Khayelitsha StadiumGoal HuntersKhayeltishaLiverpool PortlandsMitchells Plain
65B15h00Khayelitsha StadiumCeltic FCSimunyeYoung PiratesKhayelitsha
32A13h00Langa StadiumStability FCLanga NdebeniBlack BirdsNyanga
35B13h00Langa StadiumHome StarsLanga NdebeniKnights FCHeideveld
60A15h00Langa StadiumHappy HeartsLanga NdebeniWestridge UnitedMitchells Plain
69B15h00Langa StadiumHot Spurs FCLanga NdebeniHeath AthleticRygate
44ASTRO13h00Lwandle Sports ComplexCape Royal FCHelderbergValenciaMakhaza
102ASTRO15h00Lwandle Sports ComplexManchester United FCHelderbergDGLPE/KLMRygate
85A13h00Mandalay Sports ComplexMandalay UnitedMandalayConnoisseur SpursRygate
33B13h00Mandalay Sports ComplexSalt River BlackpoolCape DistrictMan PowerGugulethu
122A15h00Mandalay Sports ComplexCloverMandalayStrand Hotspurs AcademyHelderberg
3B15h00Mandalay Sports ComplexCheetahs FCMandalayJamestown UnitedAthlone
92A13h00Nyanga StadiumCity Stars FCCrossroadsComputer CelticsNyanga
20B13h00Nyanga StadiumJuventusGreater PhillippiWolvesNyanga
82C13h00Nyanga StadiumReal Brazilians FCDunoonNew Stars Khayelitsha FCMonwabisi
7A15h00Nyanga StadiumKraaifontein CityNorthern SuburbsKTC All StarsNyanga
21B15h00Nyanga StadiumNorthpine UnitedCT TygerbergMasithandaneNyanga
112C15h00Nyanga StadiumUnited BrothersNyangaStrandfonteinMitchells Plain
76A13h00Portlands Sports ComplexFluid FCMitchells Plain FDBeacon SpursMitchells Plain
107B13h00Portlands Sports ComplexVasco Da GamaCT TygerbergMerrydale AthleticoMitchells Plain FD
6C13h00Portlands Sports ComplexBayhill UnitedMitchells PlainOasis FCSouth Peninsula
99D13h00Portlands Sports ComplexHillcrest FCGreater BluedownsStanturfMitchells Plain
88A15h00Portlands Sports ComplexLentegeur CityMitchells Plain FDAthletico ZBTwo Oceans
116B15h00Portlands Sports ComplexHeinz ParkMitchells Plain FDOnly The BraveHeideveld
25C15h00Portlands Sports ComplexRC AthleticoCape DistrictWest EndMitchells Plain FD
89D15h00Portlands Sports ComplexRuyterwachtCT TygerbergCedar UnitedMitchells Plain
13A13h00Robinvale Sports ComplexYoung Cosmos FCLingelethuAberdeenAtlantis
23B13h00Robinvale Sports ComplexWaka WakaMitchells Plain FDAtlantis CityAtlantis
115C13h00Robinvale Sports ComplexFC BayernAtlantisLife ZoneCape District
111A15h00Robinvale Sports ComplexRobinvale SpursAtlantisBlack SwallowsNyanga
62B15h00Robinvale Sports ComplexWesfleurAtlantisWanderers FCLanga Ndebeni
72C15h00Robinvale Sports ComplexKalawa United FCGood HopeJomo’s PowerAtlantis
48A13h00Site C LingelethuTP Shepards FCLingelethuSuper Lucky StarsSouth Peninsula
22ASTRO13h00Site C LingelethuRebels FCLingelethuBushbucksMandalay
110B13h00Site C LingelethuFlamingoSimunyeKhayelitsha FCLingelethu
104A15h00Site C LingelethuHome Fighters FCLingelethuDurbanvilleCT Tygerberg
75ASTRO15h00Site C LingelethuMighty Royal FCMakhazaMilano UnitedMitchells Plain
71B15h00Site C LingelethuGeelbooi FCLingelethuAriel SpursSouth Peninsula
45A13h00Symphony ParkBishop LavisNorthern SuburbsSaintsMitchells Plain FD
53B13h00Symphony ParkGolden NationMonwabisiIsland RoversNorthern Suburbs
83C13h00Symphony ParkKalksteenfonteinNorthern SuburbsCondor ParkGreater Bluedowns
127D13h00Symphony ParkMighty BucksMandela ParkAvendale AthleticoCT Tygerberg
10A15h00Symphony ParkTrinitariansNorthern SuburbsDT MastersGreater Mfuleni
86B15h00Symphony ParkRiverside RangersNorthern SuburbsJabula BrothersNyanga
117C15h00Symphony ParkAll Stars FDCape DistrictFC PortoGreater Phillippi
50D15h00Symphony ParkFC CafdaCape DistrictGame YethuGreater Phillippi
54ASTRO13h00The Greens, ManenbergCrystal PalaceManenbergEverton UnitedHeideveld
46B13h00The Greens, ManenbergD&G OrientManenbergManchester UnitedSimunye
26C13h00The Greens, ManenbergPCT ColvilleMitchells PlainYoung Idols AFCManenberg
98D13h00The Greens, ManenbergWolverhamptonCape DistrictLadumaGreater Mfuleni
11ASTRO15h00The Greens, ManenbergAV United FCGugulethuYoung idols FC68Manenberg
31B15h00The Greens, ManenbergPrimrose ParkManenbergUnthathaNyanga
78C15h00The Greens, ManenbergCeltic FCManenbergMowgliesMitchells Plain FD
34D15h00The Greens, ManenbergHoly CrossCT TygerbergCape RoyalNyanga
9A13h00Turfhall Sports ComplexEast End UnitedAthloneSpenstonCape District
66B13h00Turfhall Sports ComplexWanderers XISouth PeninsulaFCG HotspursAthlone
41C13h00Turfhall Sports ComplexLavender Hill FCSouth PeninsulaKewtown UnitedAthlone
67D13h00Turfhall Sports ComplexEsperanzia FCAthloneFN RangersCT Tygerberg
59E13h00Turfhall Sports ComplexClyde Pine LandsCT TygerbergSuper Stars FCAthlone
49A15h00Turfhall Sports ComplexTurfhall FCAthloneAfrican SportingMandela Park
19B15h00Turfhall Sports ComplexMelchester RoversAthloneSite C GunnersLingelethu
93C15h00Turfhall Sports ComplexYoung StunnersAthloneTwo for JoyHelderberg
14D15h00Turfhall Sports ComplexOcean ViewCape DistrictBlack Stars FCLanga Ndebeni
16E15h00Turfhall Sports ComplexMakhaza All Stars FCMakhazaCity MastersAthlone
39A13h00Rocklands Sports ComplexWesley UnitedCape DistrictTTAC FCKhayelitsha
2B13h00Rocklands Sports ComplexBafana UnitedMandela ParkFC TafelzuchtMitchells Plain
5C13h00Rocklands Sports ComplexFulham SCMitchells PlainBaymontMandela Park
12D13h00Rocklands Sports ComplexSaringa SpursMitchells PlainJuventusMitchells Plain
27A15h00Rocklands Sports ComplexGolden UnitedMitchells PlainUnited FCKhayelitsha
58B15h00Rocklands Sports ComplexKenparkMitchells PlainSite Sea FCLingelethu
81C15h00Rocklands Sports ComplexBeacon CityMitchells PlainSSS AcademyAthlone
96D15h00Rocklands Sports ComplexLentegeur FCMitchells PlainSamora CelticsGreater Phillippi

6. Trusting that you have been advised accordingly

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