Coca-Cola Cup 2019 U18 & Senior Division Last 64 and Grid


Coca-Cola Cup 2019 U18 & Senior Division Last 64 and Grid.

The biggest amateur cup competition is drawing closer and competition is more tighter.

The ladies division prelim draw held last night  and set to kickoff with over 40 women’s football clubs drawn in that division.

Who will be crowned the 2019 Champions.




           SAFA Cape Town, Coca Cola Cup 2019
 ROUND 64 
 Under 18 Division – SUNDAY 4th August 2019 
 FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
30Astro10h00Browns Farm, PhillippiMoonwoodGreater Phillippi6X1 AttackersDunoon5
2Astro11h30Browns Farm, PhillippiRock A FellasMitchells Plain2FC PortoGreater Phillippi0
29A10h00Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneWolvesNyanga2AJAX Cape Town FCTwo Oceans4
3B10h00Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneDGLPE/KLMRygate4MasithandaneNyanga3
16C10h00Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneLeeds United AFCMitchells Plain5Willow StarsNyanga4
31A11h30Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneClarewoodCape District1Black BirdsNyanga3
8B11h30Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneHanover ParkCT Tygerberg0Vasco Da GamaCT Tygerberg2
20C11h30Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneEvertonNyanga0Milano UnitedMitchells Plain1
26A10h00J Nontulo Sports ComplexLentegeur FCMitchells Plain1Standards UnitedMitchells Plain0
15B10h00J Nontulo Sports ComplexManchester United FCHelderberg5Oriental GunnersRygate1
27A11h30J Nontulo Sports ComplexAshford  AthleticCape District0Helderberg RoversHelderberg2
28B11h30J Nontulo Sports ComplexBayviewMitchells Plain2Northpine UnitedCT Tygerberg4
7Astro10h00NY 49 GuguletuElites XV SCGugulethu6Joburg StrikersGreater Phillippi7
13B10h00NY 49 GuguletuAvendale AthleticoCT Tygerberg4LiverpoolDunoon5
11Astro11h30NY 49 GuguletuZimasa FCKhayelitsha5Bluegum UnitedMetropolitan3
23B11h30NY 49 GuguletuBayhill UnitedMitchells Plain1JL Zwane FCGugulethu3
10A10h00Symphony ParkRiverside RangersNorthern Suburbs6WoodlandsMitchells Plain5
1B10h00Symphony ParkMacassar FCNorthern Suburbs0Try Again FCOostenberg3
18C10h00Symphony ParkWynberg St JohnsCT Tygerberg0Grass BootsCT Tygerberg1
21D10h00Symphony ParkFC KapstadtCT Tygerberg1Young PiratesGreater Phillippi0
12A11h30Symphony ParkHellenicCT Tygerberg2SantosCape District4
19B11h30Symphony ParkTurfhall FCAthlone0TrinitariansNorthern Suburbs2
17C11h30Symphony ParkRygersdalCT Tygerberg0RC AthleticoCape District1
6D11h30Symphony ParkJuventusMitchells Plain2Anadin FCGreater Phillippi0
4A10h00Turfhall Park Sports ComplexCape Umoya United FCTwo Oceans1SouthamptonCape District0
22B10h00Turfhall Park Sports ComplexSaxon RoversCT Tygerberg3Salt River BlackpoolCape District4
14C10h00Turfhall Park Sports ComplexGrassy Park  UnitedCape District2Stephanian  OtteryCape District1
25D10h00Turfhall Park Sports ComplexYMO St LukesCT Tygerberg0Esperanzia FCAthlone2
24A11h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexFN RangersCT TygerbergdefSSS AcademyAthlone2
32B11h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexReal UnitedGreater Mfuleni0East End UnitedAthlone1
9C11h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexGreenwoodCape District2HBUFCGood Hope0
5D11h30Turfhall Park Sports ComplexSaintsMitchells Plain FD0Two Oceans AcademyHeideveld4


           SAFA Cape Town, Coca Cola Cup 2019
Under 18 Grid
  Round 64Last 32
1Macassar FCvsTry Again FC
winner 1 vs winner 2
2Rock A FellasvsFC Porto
winner 3 vs winner 4
4Cape Umoya United FCvsSouthampton
5SaintsvsTwo Oceans Academy
winner 5 vs winner 6
6JuventusvsAnadin FC
7Elites XV SCvsJoburg Strikers
winner 7 vs winner 8
8Hanover ParkvsVasco Da Gama
winner 9 vs winner 10
10Riverside RangersvsWoodlands
11Zimasa FCvsBluegum United
winner 11 vs winner 12
13Avendale AthleticovsLiverpool
winner 13 vs winner 14
14Grassy Park  UnitedvsStephanian  Ottery
15Manchester United FCvsOriental Gunners
winner 15 vs winner 16
16Leeds United AFCvsWillow Stars
17RygersdalvsRC Athletico
winner 17 vs winner 18
18Wynberg St JohnsvsGrass Boots
19Turfhall FCvsTrinitarians
winner 19 vs winner 20
20EvertonvsMilano United
21FC KapstadtvsYoung Pirates
winner 21 vs winner 22
22Saxon RoversvsSalt River Blackpool
23Bayhill UnitedvsJL Zwane FC
winner 23 vs winner 24
24FN RangersvsSSS Academy
25YMO St LukesvsEsperanzia FC
winner 25 vs winner 26
26Lentegeur FCvsStandards United
27Ashford  AthleticvsHelderberg Rovers
winner 27 vs winner 28
28BayviewvsNorthpine United
29WolvesvsAJAX Cape Town FC
winner 29 vs winner 30
30MoonwoodvsX1 Attackers
31ClarewoodvsBlack Birds
   winner 31 vs winner 32      
 32Real United vsEast End United       

Senior Division last 64 results and Grid: 

SAFA Cape Town, Coca-Cola Cup 2019
Round 64
 Senior Division – SUNDAY 4th August 2019
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
13Astro13h00Browns Farm, PhillippiGame YethuGreater Phillippi1MoonwoodGreater Phillippi2
30Astro15h00Browns Farm, PhillippiYoung StarsGreater Phillippi5PSV EindhovenDelft4
20A13h00Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneCeltic FCManenberg3EvertonNyanga0
28B13h00Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneAfrican TribesKhayelitsha5Robinvale SpursAtlantis4
26C13h00Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneSalt River CelticRygate2Rising StarsGood Hope0
8A15h00Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneHanover ParkCT Tygerberg3Black BirdsNyanga1
23B15h00Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneSporting UnitedMetropolitandefComputer CelticsNyanga2
6C15h00Blue Ridge Sports Complex, WallacedeneRebels FCLingelethu3Atlantis CityAtlantis1
16A13h00J Nontulo Sports ComplexBluebirdsHeideveld0Lansdowne FCCT Tygerberg2
12B13h00J Nontulo Sports ComplexD&G OrientManenberg0Electric City United FCGreater Bluedowns1
29A15h00J Nontulo Sports ComplexBattswoodCape District3Only The BraveHeideveld5
25B15h00J Nontulo Sports ComplexAshford  AthleticCape District9StanturfMitchells Plain8
24Astro13h00NY 49 GuguletuTwo for JoyHelderberg3FC ManenbergManenberg1
32B13h00NY 49 GuguletuEverton Spurs FCRygate0Avendale AthleticoCT Tygerberg2
9Astro15h00NY 49 GuguletuMan PowerGugulethu2ZimasaKhayelitsha1
15B15h00NY 49 GuguletuBluegum UnitedMetropolitan0Westridge UnitedMitchells Plain3
31A13h00Symphony ParkCloverMandalay6Belhar SpursNorthern Suburbs5
7B13h00Symphony ParkRC AthleticoCape District2MatroosfonteinNorthern Suburbs3
10C13h00Symphony ParkBellville CityCT Tygerberg3RygersdalCT Tygerberg4
27D13h00Symphony ParkNorway Parks MagicCT Tygerberg4FC SalvoManenberg1
22A15h00Symphony ParkRiverside RangersNorthern Suburbs0Bellville UnitedNorthern Suburbs4
3B15h00Symphony ParkTrinitariansNorthern Suburbs4JuventusMitchells Plain5
19C15h00Symphony ParkWoodlandsMitchells Plain1Beacon SpursMitchells Plain0
18D15h00Symphony ParkHeath AthleticRygate3Jomo’s PowerAtlantis2
5A13h00Turfhall Sports ComplexHazendal UnitedRygate0Melchester RoversAthlone1
14B13h00Turfhall Sports ComplexCrystal PalaceManenberg1Peninsula UnitedSouth Peninsula0
2C13h00Turfhall Sports ComplexOasis FCSouth Peninsula3Wynberg St JohnsCT Tygerberg0
17D13h00Turfhall Sports ComplexCeltic FCSimunye1FN RangersCT Tygerberg3
1A15h00Turfhall Sports ComplexFC TafelzuchtMitchells Plain0Jamestown UnitedAthlone1
21B15h00Turfhall Sports ComplexSSS AcademyAthlone3KalksteenfonteinNorthern Suburbs0
11C15h00Turfhall Sports ComplexStephanian  OtteryCape District1Cape Royal FCHelderberg4
4D15h00Turfhall Sports ComplexYoung Cosmos FCLingelethu2City MastersAthlone3


SAFA Cape Town, Coca-Cola Cup 2019
 Round 64 
 Senior Division Grid
Round 64Last 32
1FC TafelzuchtvsJamestown United
winner 1 vs winner 2
2Oasis FCvsWynberg St Johns
winner 3 vs winner 4
4Young Cosmos FCvsCity Masters
5Hazendal UnitedvsMelchester Rovers
winner 5 vs winner 6
6Rebels FCvsAtlantis City
7RC AthleticovsMatroosfontein
winner 7 vs winner 8
8Hanover ParkvsBlack Birds
9Man PowervsZimasa
winner 9 vs winner 10
10Bellville CityvsRygersdal
11Stephanian  OtteryvsCape Royal FC
winner 11 vs winner 12
12D&G OrientvsElectric City United FC
13Game YethuvsMoonwood
winner 13 vs winner 14
14Crystal PalacevsPeninsula United
15Bluegum UnitedvsWestridge United
winner 15 vs winner 16
16BluebirdsvsLansdowne FC
17Celtic FCvsFN Rangers
winner 17 vs winner 18
18Heath AthleticvsJomo’s Power
19WoodlandsvsBeacon Spurs
winner 19 vs winner 20
20Celtic FCvsEverton
21SSS AcademyvsKalksteenfontein
winner 21 vs winner 22
22Riverside RangersvsBellville United
23Sporting UnitedvsComputer Celtics
winner 23 vs winner 24
24Two for JoyvsFC Manenberg
25Ashford  AthleticvsStanturf
winner 25 vs winner 26
26Salt River CelticvsRising Stars
27Norway Parks MagicvsFC Salvo
winner 27 vs winner 28
28African TribesvsRobinvale Spurs
29BattswoodvsOnly The Brave
winner 29 vs winner 30
30Young StarsvsPSV Eindhoven
31ClovervsBelhar Spurs
winner 31 vs winner 32
32Everton Spurs FCvsAvendale Athletico

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