1.  Ladies Pre-Lim round which is scheduled to be
played on the 13th and 14th August 2019. The LFAs/clubs are reminded of the following
important information below:
a) Each venue has their own entry fee which is determined by the FMC/LFA and all players
and spectators are to pay at the gate. The hosting LFA is to ensure that the venues are
secured and prepared.
b) All team coaches/managers are to report to the match convenors.
c) The team returns are to be collected from the match convenor and completed before the
start of your match. You may also complete the attached return and take it to the match
d) Venues hosting matches are to ensure that first aid and security is present at each venue.
e) Please ensure that matches start on time.
f) Clubs are to pay the referee according to the fee as set out in the rules.
g) If there is any further information required please do not hesitate to contact the
Competitions Chairperson, Mr Bayanda Sikiti (060 508 3242)

2. Conveners are reminded to forward their results to the office. LFAs are requested to forward
the fixture to all their clubs so that in the event there are any incorrect results received or
other, it can be dealt with immediately.
3. Trusting that you have been advised accordingly.

           SAFA Cape Town, Coca Cola Cup 2019
 Ladies Pre-Lim Round
Womens Division – TUESDAY 13th AUGUST 2019
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
9A19h00Johnson Rd, RygateNorthpine UnitedCT TygerbergVsStrandfonteinMitchells Plain
6B19h00Johnson Rd, RygateVirgo LadiesMitchells PlainVsVasco Da GamaCT Tygerberg
10A20h30Johnson Rd, RygateNova NacionalDunoonVsNorway ParksCT Tygerberg
11B20h30Johnson Rd, RygateManenberg LadiesManenbergVsClyde Pine LandsCT Tygerberg
5Astro19h00NY 49 GuguletuStrand Kasi QueensHelderbergVsCT RosesGugulethu
8Astro20h30NY 49 GuguletuMighty CityDelftVsPortia LadiesMandela Park
 Womens Division – WEDNESDAY 14th AUGUST 2019
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
1A19h00Johnson Rd, RygateBelhar SpursNortherns SuburbsVsHBUFCGood Hope
7B19h00Johnson Rd, RygateBurnley UnitedMetropolitanVsGoal HuntersKhayelitsha
4B20h30Johnson Rd, RygateBluedowns Spurs LadiesNorthern SuburbsVsAvendale AthleticoCT Tygerberg
2Astro19h00NY 49 GuguletuSpurs WFCCape DistrictVsSantos LadiesCape District
3Astro20h30NY 49 GuguletuMilano LadiesSouth PeninsulaVsUWC LadiesNorthern Suburbs

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