1. Attached please find a reminder of the last 32 fixtures for the Senior, Womens and U18
Coke Cup Divisions which will be played on Sunday, 18th August 2019.
2. Please find an update of the Womens Last 32 fixture as well as the referees appointments
for all divisions.
3. All team coaches/managers are reminded to report to the match convenor at their
respective venue at least one hour before kick-off. Convenors at the venues are: The
Greens – P Johnson NY 49 Guguletu – T Sodinga, Johnson Road – A Tajoodien; Site C – T Njili
4. The LFAs/clubs are reminded of the following important information below:
a) Each venue has their own entry fee which is determined by the FMC/LFA and all players
and spectators are to pay at the gate. The hosting LFA is to ensure that the venues are
secured and prepared.

b) The team returns are to be collected from the match convenor and completed before the
start of your match. You may also complete the attached return and take it to the match
c) Venues hosting matches are to ensure that first aid and security is present at each venue.
d) Please ensure that matches start on time.
e) Clubs are to pay the referee according to the fee as set out in the rules.
5. If there is any further information required please do not hesitate to contact the
Competitions Chairperson, Mr Bayanda Sikiti (060 508 3242).
6. Please note that all senior teams and all U18 teams which won in round 64 are fiixture to
play. Please send the fixture to all your clubs. If you do not see your team and you have
played and won in the previous round please contact the office immediately.
7. Trusting that you have been advised accordingly.

Senior Division – 18th  AUGUST 2019  

Last 32
 Senior Division – 18th  AUGUST 2019  
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
16A13h00Site C LingelethuClover FCMandalayAvendale AthleticoCT TygerbergA.WONGAB.TSHOLOBAA.MALOTE
4Astro13h00Site C LingelethuMatroosfontein FCNorthern SuburbsHanover ParkCT TygerbergA.NDZINGOS.STWAYIG.BAYMAN
6B13h00Site C LingelethuCape RoyalHelderbergElectric City UnitedGreater BluedownsC.KENNYG.DE BRUINS.SAMAAI
13C13h00Site C LingelethuAshford AthleticCape DistrictSalt River CelticRygateS.HEWUT.WINDVOELL.MAZIZI
15A15h00Site C LingelethuOnly The BraveHeideveldYoung StarsGreater PhillippiS.MAHONOL.NONDALAM.BLAAI
3Astro15h00Site C LingelethuMelchester RoversAthloneRebels FCLingelethuA.ALEXANDERF.ADAMSAG SMITH
12B15h00Site C LingelethuComputer CelticNyangaTwo for JoyHelderbergS.DE BRUYNS.SISILANAS.NONGWANA
14C15h00Site C LingelethuNorway Parks MagicCT TygerbergAfrican TribesKhayelitshaM.SITSHEKES.TSOTSOB.KATSALA
9A13h00The Greens ManenbergFN RangersCT TygerbergHeath AthleticRygateS.KALAZANIC.ADAMSA.MNYEKO
1Astro13h00The Greens ManenbergJamestown UnitedAthloneOasis FCSouth PeninsulaR.NEWV,THIMBAR.BOSMAN
5B13h00The Greens ManenbergMan PowerGuguletu Rygersdal FCCT TygerbergW.MATTHEWST.PAULSEE.FRANSMAN
8C13h00The Greens ManenbergWestridge UnitedMitchells PlainLansdowne FCCT TygerbergL.MKIZWANAR.WILLIAMSS.MABARA
7A15h00The Greens ManenbergMoonwood UnitedGreater PhillippiCrystal PalaceManenbergA.MEYERSR.KLEINC.LEANER
10Astro15h00The Greens ManenbergWoodlands UnitedMitchells PlainCeltic FCManenbergA.TOMJ.SANAMAA.MARTIN
2B15h00The Greens ManenbergJuventus FCMitchells PlainCity MastersAthloneC.KISTOORL.PUPUMAB.XUMALO
11C15h00The Greens ManenbergSSS AcademyAthloneBellville UnitedNorthern SuburbsM.MABUTOL.HENDRICKSA.SKINNER


Under 18 Division – SUNDAY 18th AUGUST 2019

           SAFA Cape Town, Coca Cola Cup 2019
 LAST 32 
 Under 18 Division – SUNDAY 18th AUGUST 2019
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
16Astro10h00Site C LingelethuBlack BirdsNyangaEast End UnitedAthloneS.HEWUB.TSHOLOBAL.MAZIZI
4A10h00Site C LingelethuJoburg StrikersGreater PhillippiVasco Da GamaCT TygerbergA.WONGAG.BAYMANA.MALOTE
1B10h00Site C LingelethuTry Again FCOostenbergRock A FellasMitchells PlainA.NDZINGOT.WINDVOELE.YEKANI
6C10h00Site C LingelethuZimasa FCKhayelitshaSantos FCCape DistrictC.KENNYS.SAMAAIA.GOPHE
14Astro11h30Site C LingelethuHelderberg RoversHelderbergNorthpine UnitedCT TygerbergS.DE BRUYNM.BLAAIB.KATSALA
2A11h30Site C LingelethuDGLPE / KLMRygateCape Umoya UnitedTwo OceansS.HOLAJ.BHAWUTHIZ.MELHO
7B11h30Site C LingelethuLiverpool FCDunoonGrassy ParkCape DistrictS.MAHONOS.TSOTSOS.NONGWANA
8C11h30Site C LingelethuManchester UnitedHelderbergLeeds UnitedMitchells PlainA.ALEXANDERAG SMITHF.ADAMS
9A10h00The Greens, ManenbergRC AthleticoCape DistrictGrass BootsCT TygerbergL.MKIZWANAV.THIMBAA.MDUNYELWA
3Astro10h00The Greens, ManenbergTwo Oceans AcademyHeideveldJuventus FCMitchells PlainS.KALAZANIS.MABARAA.MNYEKO
10B10h00The Greens, ManenbergTrinitarians FCNorthern SuburbsMilano UnitedMitchells PlainR.NEWC.ADAMSR.BOSMAN
11C10h00The Greens, ManenbergFC KapstadtCT TygerbergSalt River BlackpoolCape DistrictW.MATTHEWST.PAULSEE.FRANSMAN
12A11h30The Greens, ManenbergJL ZwaneGuguletuSSS AcademyAthloneC.KISTOORL.HENDRICKSA.SKINNER
5Astro11h30The Greens, ManenbergGreenwood AthleticCape DistrictRiverside RangersNorthern SuburbsA.MEYERSR.KLEINA.MARTIN
13B11h30The Greens, ManenbergEsperanziaAthloneLentegeur FCMitchells PlainS.NGQOYIYAB.XUMALOO.TEBEKA
15C11h30The Greens, ManenbergAjax Cape TownCT TygerbergMonwood UnitedGreater PhillippiM.MABUTOC.LEANERD.VAN AAARDT


Womens Division – SUNDAY 18th AUGUST 2019


           SAFA Cape Town, Coca Cola Cup 2019
 LAST 32
Womens Division – SUNDAY 18th AUGUST 2019
FieldTimeVenueHomeLFAScoreAwayLFAScoreRefereeAss Referee No 1Ass Referee No 1
5A10h00Johnson Rd, RygateAvendale AthleticoCT TygerbergWynberg St JohnsCT TygerbergC.HENDRICKSMS C.HAMMERSLEYL.LODEWYK
1B10h00Johnson Rd, RygateNew StarsMonwabisiValhalla LadiesNorthern SuburbsL.MLANDEZOS.SINYILILIS.ABRAHAMS
13C10h00Johnson Rd, RygateYMCA LadiesMitchells PlainElsies RiverNorthern SuburbsE.KASILET.FRYE.DESANI
15D10h00Johnson Rd, RygateSouth EndRygatePortia LadiesNyangaL.GAYAF.ABRAHAMST.LUTSHITI
4A12h00Johnson Rd, RygateRV UnitedLingelethuNew Hope LadiesNyangaMS Z.CILIBAO.SITOLIS.BURNS
7B12h00Johnson Rd, RygateWinnies LadiesGuguletuFC TafelzuchtMitchells PlainW.BAADJIESL.UIKERSAUSTIN ALEXANDER
9C12h00Johnson Rd, RygateIkamva LadiesNyangaBurnley / Goal HuntersN.JULIUSS.ADAMSB.HOLLANDER
10D12h00Johnson Rd, RygateStrandfontein LadiesMitchells PlainCPUT LadiesNorthern SuburbsMS Z.CILIBAS.BURNSO.SITOLI
3A14h00Johnson Rd, RygateMilano / UWC LadiesVasco Da GamaCT TygerbergN.JULIUSB.HOLLANDERS.ADAMS
6B14h00Johnson Rd, RygateSpurs WFC / SantosDangerous HeroesGreater PhillippiE.KASILEE.DESANIT.FRY
12C14h00Johnson Rd, RygateUCT LadiesCT TygerbergReal BrazaliansDunoonL.MLANDEZOS.ABRAHAMSS.SINYILILI
14D14h00Johnson Rd, RygateHFFA LadiesHeideveldHotspurs LadiesMitchells PlainW.BAADJIESAUSTIN ALEXANDERL.LUIKERS
2A16h00Johnson Rd, RygateNova NacionalDunoonCape Town RosesGuguletuC.MANEVELDTG.ADAMSE.MORGAN
8B16h00Johnson Rd, RygateManenberg LadiesManenebergBellville CityCT TygerbergL.GAYAT.LUTSHITIF.ABRAHAMS
11C16h00Johnson Rd, RygateBellstar UnitedNorthern SuburbsAtlantis SaintsAtlantisC.MANEVELDTE.MORGANG.ADAMS
16D16h00Johnson Rd, RygateEerste RiverNorthern SuburbsHBUFC LadiesGood HopeC.HENDRICKSL.LODEWYKMS C.HAMMERSLEY





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