Coach: The person who takes care of the coaching and training of a team and who      prepares them for performance, i.e. to achieve results. The coach is a specialist in technical and tactical training and in psychological and physical development. His tasks may also be extended, depending on his particular skills.

Coaching: The term covers everything involved in the work of the coach: training and developing, directing, advising and correcting players and helping them to progress. Good coaching relies on an in-depth knowledge of psychology and pedagogy; its aim is to optimise the performance of the team and to develop the full potential of each player.

Manager: The manager is responsible for managing and organising the club in such a way that the agreed operational objectives are achieved. In addition, he is responsible for the performances of the team and must account for his actions to the club’s directors/senior management.The person who carries out the function of team manager must have an excellent   educational background as a coach and as an administrative manager, with solid coaching experience. To exercise the dual function of coach and team manager, the experience and knowledge acquired as a player are far from adequate. In certain clubs, a single person may combine the function of manager and coach.

Where do I fit?

Wondering where YOU fit in the SAFA Coaching? Read the descriptions below and decide which one best describes you and your coaching needs!

Community Sport

Who are you?

You may already coach at the community/LFA/club level or you’re thinking about coaching. Often, you’re a parent whose child is involved in football, or a volunteer who works with participants of all ages that are new to football.


Who are you?

You’re typically a coach who has previous coaching experience or you’re a former player. You may already coach a team at the club, LFA, regional or provincial level, and you tend to work with players over the long term to improve performance.


Who are you?

Instructors in the Instruction stream must have sport-specific skills and training, whether at the beginner or advanced skill level. Many are former participants in football.

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