We at SAAF CT and the whole football family are interested in hearing your views and comments on the world of football.  

SAFA CT.com Club members are welcome to speak their minds about a variety of topics related to the world of football.  Every day, SAFA CT offers news stories and updates on all things football – and as Club members, you can comment on these topics.

Like the game of football, every community website has its rules, even SAFA CT.com.  We will uphold these rules to ensure that everyone gets their say and no one is exposed to abusive, racist or inappropriate language.


(1) Eligibility (for all users)

All users of the website, irrespective of their age, agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions of both the Club Rules and the website’s Terms of Service.
Eligibility (for users under the age of fourteen)
Membership to the Club is void where prohibited.  
Certain parts of the website are intended solely for users who are fourteen (14) years of age or older. 

(2) Fun but Fair Play

SAFA CT takes the subject of Fair Play seriously. Please be a team player and respect the rules of the game. SAFA CT.com Club members who do not respect the rules of Fair Play will be shown the red card and have their Club account terminated immediately.  

Please comply with the rules below to make the SAFA CT.com Club an enjoyable experience for everyone:

· do not post obscene, indecent, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive, harassing, profane or otherwise inappropriate material;
· do not post junk mail, pyramid schemes, chain letters, advertisements or any other similar such content;
· do not engage in personal attacks on anyone;
· vulgar and insulting nicknames will be removed.  Nicknames attempting to impersonate other users will also be removed;
· do not post any telephone numbers, street addresses or any other personal information whatsoever irrespective of whether it belongs to you;
· do not post an e-mail address belonging to any other person;
· do not post copyrighted material, including newsletter items, newspaper articles, excerpts from books, music, poems, photographs, video files or any other material, unless you own the copyright to that material or have prior written permission to post it;
· do not attempt to impersonate other users, SAFA CT staff or any other person;
· do not post the same message in multiple locations on the site;
· lively debate and opposing opinions are welcome, but please behave courteously and responsibly;
· keep your messages on topic for the particular discussion in which you are involved;
· please report abuse.  Although we make every effort to ensure that our Club is safe, we cannot control all activity on the website.  If you become aware of any violations of the Club Rules or the website’s Terms of Service by users, please report the abuse here: http://www.safacapetown.com/contact/form.html

The SAFA CT.com Editorial Network actively supervises all of our forums.  In the event that messages do not comply with the rules outlined above, we reserve the right to edit, restrict or refrain from publishing such postings.  
Violation of the Club Rules or the Terms of Service may result in a termination of your account on SAFA CT.com.
Have fun with the SAFA CT.com Club. 

Interaction is a part of the experience, and when done with respect and within the Club Rules, it can be a great way to share your thoughts with the global football family.
For more detailed information, please read our Terms of Service.

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